You Go Girl!!

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New Zealand virgin auctions herself for tuition

I wish I did this when I was younger. I lost my virginity by giving it away to any guy with nice shoulders and a big cock.

And as for her saftey, she’ll be fine. That girl is going to take every precaution necessary and the bidder won’t try anything stupid because of the high-profile of this little girl. Im willing to bet that nothing sexual happens. She’ll probably cry and think it was a bad idea or the highest bidder is actually a guy with a ‘Christian Conscience’ and is willing to give the girl $32,000 because he’s nice. It has happened before.

But if you are looking for a girl that knows what she’s doing, then we’re here for you. Me and my Vegas Escort friends know how to please a man. Don’t be afraid to give us a call.

I often get asked about what you should tip an Escort in Las Vegas. Much like a strip club, the initial rate only gets the girl or guy to your room, everything after that will require a tip. A good time with an Escort here in Las Vegas can run anywhere between $750 to $1500 (or more for overnight stays and Vip Models). It’s important to know that the guys and girls make most of their money from tips and people who do not regularly hire an Escort here in Las Vegas are not accustomed to this process and are sometimes put off by it. Here are a few tips to help you understand what to expect when hiring Escorts in Las Vegas:

1: You have the right to say NO. If the girl or guy sent to your room does not match up with what you are looking for, you can ask them to leave.

2: Be prepared to spend at least $750. Never assume the initial rate you hear over the phone is going to be enough, it never is. Obviously, the more $$$ you are willing to part with the more your Escort will be able to provide.

3: If you want the hottest model on the menu, that model has a big price tag. Despite what you may think, the VIP girls and guys put a lot of work into their bodies and the way they look; and they expect to be compensated for that accordingly. When you get to the VIP level, $1500 is the lowest these girls and guys will work for, expect to spend more.

Hollywood Madam Michelle Braun To Write Tell-All Book

Dear Michelle:

Please keep your mouth shut. Why can’t you be like Heidi Fliess and show some Integrity. You do realize the lives and reputations of people you can ruin by trying to make a quick buck on a book that no one will buy, right? You give us all a bad name. A lot of us girls are not Happy about this. And of course you don’t care. You are, and were, always incredibly selfish and thought you were the only game in town. You may find that the fame from this may be not what you were looking for.


Australia has a Sex Party

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No, silly, it’s not an orgy. It’s an actual political party!

The newly-founded Australia Sex Party will champion common sense public policy in matters relating to sex. You might suppose that Australians are all sexually liberated but, in fact, they have their own problems with members of the religious right attempting to implement their religious beliefs into law.

Read all about it.

German Sprite ad

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What does it take to get your television ad banned from German TV? Less than perhaps you might expect.

But, still, the ad is outrageous!

PSA’s of the Future

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Public Service Announcements of the future. Hilarious 😀

Fun with Body Paint

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An airline in New Zealand has figured out how to get passengers to watch those safety videos that nobody anywhere ever watches.

Everybody in the safety video is naked, covered only in body paint.

Watch and learn (as it’s probably the only safety video you ever will pay attention to).

China Nixes Theme Park of Sex

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China’s first sex theme park, aimed at improving both the sex education and the sex life of its visitors, has been torn down before it even opened.

The owners were “interested only in profiting from sensationalism,” the China Daily reported one official said.

South Park

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